Windows Phone presents the Me series, a collection of short film essays exploring a day in the life of creative Windows Phone users. With seamless connectivity between contacts and social networks in the People Hub, one touch searching from Bing and the only phone to come with Office Mobile built-in, Windows Phone allows these users to create and connect anywhere, at any time.

SuChin Pak & The Hester Street Fair

This is a short video profile on SuChin Pak, co-founder of the Hester Street Fair: a creative open-market in New York City’s diverse Lower East Side community. The fair’s local vendors offer an eclectic mix of vintage home accessories, gourmet food, designer fashion, and more. SuChin uses Windows Phone (phone, email, People Hub) to coordinate and communicate with vendors, along with the smart phone’s Camera and Social Media features to keep customers updated on the fair’s exciting specials, upcoming events, and more.

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