Windows Phone presents the Me series, a collection of short film essays exploring a day in the life of creative Windows Phone users. With seamless connectivity between contacts and social networks in the People Hub, one touch searching from Bing and the only phone to come with Office Mobile built-in, Windows Phone allows these users to create and connect anywhere, at any time.

Other Lives

Other Lives is a band from Stillwater, Oklahoma that has been playing together in various formations for 8 years.  Previously opening for such acclaimed acts as Bon Iver and The Rosebuds, this video follows Other Lives on tour in support of their critically acclaimed sophomore album, Tamer Animals. 

Other Lives uses the Windows Phone to capture the places and landscapes they see while touring, as well as a way to connect with their fans by sending photos and updates through the Windows Phone Tumblr app.

Directed by David Black. Edited by Jonathan Dortch. Includes the new track “Song Song” performed by Other Lives. 

Song Song by WindowsPhoneMeSeries

Kendrick Lamar & Nosaj Thing

Kendrick Lamar is a 24-year-old musician from Compton, California. His diverse style has distinguished him as the West Coast’s most exciting new rap artist. Step into the studio with Kendrick and electronic producer Nosaj Thing to watch the creation of their original song “Cloud 10”. 

Kendrick uses his Windows Phone to go onto Zune Marketplace and listen to music, including his own critically-acclaimed album Section.80. Always writing lyrics on tour, The Pocket Voice Recorder app on Windows Phone allows Kendrick to record rhymes and melody ideas whenever he wants.

Cloud 10 by WindowsPhoneMeSeries

Eagle Rock Yacht Club

This video profile shines a light on Eagle Rock Yacht Club, a non-profit dodge ball league and community-focused organization founded by Chris Alves and Craig Fowler in Los Angeles, CA. ERYC’s dodge ball leagues and community activities not only serve as a means to rally and inspire the 20-30 year olds of the surrounding community to get involved and volunteer, but also help generate funding for their youth programs.

Chris and Craig use the Windows Phone to stay connected with the growing community involved in ERYC; in just a few clicks, the Windows Phone Me Tile enables Chris and Craig to update their Facebook and Twitter networks.

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Creators of the monumental 90’ high ramp, MegaRamp Events have become the leading action sports event producer. Since its debut in 2004 MegaRamp has transformed both skateboarding and BMX events, bringing the best athletes from around the world to skate on the most challenging and exciting ramp. This video piece takes a deeper look into the MegaRamp events production team and top MegaRamp skater Jake Brown. While on the ramp or on the go, the MegaRamp team uses the Windows Phone video camera to film skaters and review for critique, along with the Windows Phone SharePoint application to access, update, and share Office Word documents, schedules, and scorecards in real time.

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Robin Kegel & Gato Heroi

Robin Kegel is the founder and board shaper at Gato Herói, an innovative longboard surf company based in Capistrano Beach, CA. The name Gato Heroi (“Cat Hero”) emphasizes Robin’s unique sense of humor, along with his disdain of hot doggers in the water flailing about wearing leashes (most Gato Heroi boards have no leash attachments). This video shines a light on the art of Gato Herói’s hand-made custom shapes; Robin’s philosophy on surfing; and the story of making of two special charity surfboards for Japan natural disaster relief. While traveling around the world to find the best surf, the Windows Phone Live Tiles keep Robin up to date on what’s happening with one look on his home screen, enabling Robin to run his business easier and faster from anywhere in the world.

You can view and bid on a custom Gato Heroi surfboard, valued at $1400, All proceeds go to Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Relief Fund - A GlobalGiving Project.

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The Meatball Shop

After mastering the classic Italian meatball recipe, longtime friends and food lovers Michael Chernow and Daniel Holzman opened The Meatball Shop, a restaurant in New York’s Lower East Side. With a menu offering various homemade meatballs and an ambiance that’s hip and laid-back, The Meatball Shop instantly became a favorite amongst NYC foodies. Michael and Daniel use the Windows Phone while managing the launch of two new restaurant locations in Brooklyn and Greenwich Village. While on the go between the three restaurants, Daniel can manage orders from vendors at any time, and Michael can easily update customers on new meatball recipes using the smartphone’s integrated Facebook and Twitter apps.

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Kevin Ma & Hypebeast

Kevin Ma is the creative mind behind, a lifestyle blog that covers cutting-edge trends in men’s fashion, art, design, and music. This short film takes us to the HypeBeast offices in Hong Kong, where Kevin is constantly inspired by the city’s vast array of cultures, brands, and styles. While traveling, Kevin uses Windows Phone’s Bing Maps to find interesting shops, places, and people without getting lost. And while on the go, Kevin is able to stay on top of what’s happening in the world in just a glance with real-time updates on his Live Tiles for his favorite mobile apps, websites, and people. The Windows Phone allows him to update his website and manage his entirely web-based business from anywhere, at anytime.

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Shipley & Halmos

Shipley & Halmos is a fashion label and creative design firm, founded by friends Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos. The NYC-based brand produces everything from men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, furniture, and art materials. This video piece gives a glimpse into the designers’ aesthetic vision, creative process, and the dynamics between the longtime friends turned successful business partners. When collaborating with other designers, The Windows Phone Office mobilie apps enable them to share documents, graphics, and charts while making creative decisions on-the-go. And while Sam and Jeff are apart, their customized Live Tiles home screen allows them to connect with one another faster and more easily.

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 Behind the scenes with Todd Cole on Kurt Vile’s “Baby’s Arms” music video

Todd Cole, acclaimed fashion photographer and music video/ commercial director, is known for his work with such diverse talents as Charlotte Gainsbourg and No Age to Rodarte and Commes Des Garcons. This video profile takes a look behind the scenes in his making of Kurt Vile’s “Baby’s Arms” music video. The video was shot exclusively using the Windows Phone camera in Cole’s hometown of Los Angeles and explores the love story between a young couple living their everyday lives in East LA.